TikTok Mom reveals 3 simple items every parent needs to keep in their car

Mom and TikToker, Lauren (@lauren.clutter), swears by these 3 products — and parents everywhere agree that they’re total lifesavers on the road!. Lauren’s first item is a simple grabber. “You should really keep a grabber so that whoever’s in the passenger seat can pass things back to the kids way in the third row”. Her second item is a roll of standard trash bags. “We keep this roll of bags in the car in case we ever have a carsick kiddo who might need one,” Lauren says. The third item is one not many people might have heard of: an UnbuckleMe. “And an UnbuckleMe makes it easy for my 3-year-old in the third row to unbuckle herself”. Parents everywhere are loving Lauren’s simple but clever car hacks. “I was just saying to my husband a couple hours ago how I need a grabber for the car. So many lost Hot Wheels,” one mom commented. Some parents had suggestions to expand on Lauren’s hacks. one parent wrote, “You forgot the wipes. They are essential for any and every mess”