TikTok is hypnotized by these hyper-specific meditations

Is it possible to be extremely online and also happy? That's the question creator Aiden Arata wants to answer with her meditation TikTok. To be "extremely online," as Arata puts it, means to be comfortable in sharing details about what's "wrong" with you. her popular Instagram account, @aidenarata, has almost 90,000 followers that regularly like and comment on her various (and often dark) memes. Her page now showcases highly specific "guided meditations" . These range from looking for your car in a parking lot with a Bath & Body Works bag pulling on your wrist to waiting for your pasta water to boil. The specificity and hilarity in each of her videos have proven therapeutic to a lot of people. "I would quite literally pay for 30-minute [to] one-hour versions of this content to fall asleep to," someone commented in response to Arata's TikTok. "Ouchie, this one really hit," another commented on her meditation about your dad being proud of you and wanting to teach you how to tie a knot