TikTok is going bananas over this Cartoon Network-inspired hotel

On Jan. 10, user @carly.jords shared a short clip of herself passing by the Cartoon Network Hotel in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The short clip shows the front of the two-story hotel, which is flanked by a large sculpture of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog from the Emmy Award-winning cartoon Adventure Time. “WHO WAS GOING TO TELL ME THIS EXISTED!?!? HUH!?!” @carly.jords simply captioned her clip. “GIRL WHAT,” one person simply wrote. “SINCE WHEN IS THIS A THING?” another incredulously asked. According to the Patriot-News, the hotel is the brainchild of Palace Entertainment and Cartoon Network. The hotel has 159 guest rooms (some of which are themed), along with various amenities that are sure to make any visitor feel like a kid again. Those features include an Adventure Time-themed pool, a VR game room, a cafeteria with a cartoon-inspired menu and a Cartoon Network store. The hotel is also conveniently located next to the Dutch Wonderland amusement park. Currently, room and suite prices at the hotel range from $119 per night to $499 per night