TikTok is freaking out over a new, 'life-changing' hack for cracking eggs

A new egg-cracking hack is going viral on the app and dividing users in the process. The trick, which claims to create a “perfect” crack in the eggshell, is to just drop it in the pan. The trend started with a user named @maddysumnerx and was then replicated by TikTokers like Marcin Teodoru. In Teodoru’s version of the hack, he holds his arm about a foot above his skillet, then drops the egg straight down. The egg hits the pan and splits clean open — then, Teodoru easily removes the shell with his hand. “It worked!” Teodoru declares in his video’s caption. Still, the hack has TikTok users divided. Some have called it “life-changing” and agreed that it really is the best way to crack an egg. “Holy f it worked,” one user wrote. “It’s that obvious?” another asked. Others, however, were more skeptical. Some commenters explained that they tried the hack several times and failed