TikTok dumbfounded by video of pregnant guinea pig's ultrasound

TikTok is going crazy for a video of a pregnant guinea pig getting an ultrasound. In the clip, a woman is holding her guinea pig in her outstretched hands as a veterinarian glides the ultrasound probe across the pet’s exposed stomach. The owner told the vet that she thought she felt something moving around inside the guinea pig and came to the office to confirm whether she was pregnant. She also told the vet that she thinks her other guinea pig, who is a male, might be the father. It’s actually more common than you think for animals to get ultrasounds when they’re pregnant, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). “Some vets can do ultrasound exams to visualize babies in the womb,” the RSPCA stated. “In later gestation vets may be able to take an x-ray or gently palpate the babies”. TikTok users seemed to love the video, with most people commenting on how cute the whole scene seemed. “Why are ultrasounds on animals the cutest things ever?” one person asked. “Can you imagine that being your job?”