This TikTok DIY hack can make a cheap padded bra look like expensive lacy lingerie

TikTokers are cutting up their bras — for a good reason. Recently, user @lila.gellerr demonstrated a DIY hack that can turn virtually any excessively padded bra into a delicate piece of lacy lingerie. The TikTok bra hack is simple: . If you have a bra with way too much padding, all you have to do is cut the padding out so you’re left with just the lacy skeleton of the bra. Try to cut near the underwire of the bra for a precise cut and keep going until all the “bra guts” are gone. Users couldn’t believe how well the TikTok bra hack actually worked. “I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. I’M OBSESSED,” one person said. “LIFE-CHANGING,” another commented. Other users have also tried the DIY bra hack — and it worked equally well for them