How TikTok became obsessed with a New Jersey motel where ‘everyone’ is welcome

When Brian Acosta Arya first started working at the Lincoln Tunnel Motel, he thought it’d just be a temporary thing. The motel in North Bergen, N.J., was the family business. But here Arya is, 10 years later, with nearly 500,000 followers watching him go about his days at the motel. His TikTok page, @ltmotel, shares endless details about the place — . ... from working the night shift to letting TV shows film on the property to chasing down guests who left their passports in their rooms. Arya, more than anything, has developed a reputation for helping people in need. On a whim, Arya decided he’d make a post telling users that he’d offer anyone a free room — all they had to do was follow his page. “I got the idea that this was maybe a crisis that no one’s talking about, but I’m reading about [it] all the time,” Arya said. “And I realized that our place [...] was a place where you can go and no one judges who you are,” he told In The Know. If you want to help the Lincoln Tunnel Motel, you can do so by donating to its #FreeRoomForU Initiative