TikTok baristas reveal the most insane Starbucks orders

Here are 5 of the wildest drink orders TikTok baristas have served up. 1. A drink that broke multiple blenders. this customer would order a green tea frappuccino with 8 scoops of protein powder and enough ice to make the drink the consistency of ice cream. 2. A 64-ounce half-and-half drink. this customer would apparently come in with their own 64 oz. cup and ask it to be filled with a breve—which uses steamed half-and-half. 3. A latte with no latte art. a customer ordered a latte but firmly requested no latte art. 4. A viral TikTok drink. One of the main reasons baristas believe coffee orders are more complicated than ever is because of TikTok drink order trends. 5. Modified Chai Crème Frappuccino . a regular customer’s repeat order that involves 11 pumps of a cream base, 6 pumps of chai, and a very specific amount of ice, triple blended