TikTok is in awe of this 6-year-old who wakes up early to do housework before school

A 6-year-old boy's highly disciplined morning routine is going viral on TikTok. The mom, @shopping666, behind the account, which focuses on her family's life in her "smart home," shared her son's daily regimen. The little boy wakes up before school each day to do chores and make himself breakfast. But his household duties go well beyond making the bed or putting away toys. He removed the lint from his clothing for the day, got dressed, brushed his teeth, then made a breakfast of dumplings and eggs. Next, he did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, did some laundry, made his bed, swept the living room floors and helped his mother soak her feet. Finally, he cleaned his sneakers, took out the trash and headed to school. People were impressed with how disciplined the child was at such a young age, but others worried it might be too much for him. Despite the polarizing response, the clip received over 29 million views. "That kid's credit score has to be in the 800s," someone joked

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