Tiki Barber expects Saquon Barkley to break his Giants franchise records

Michael David Smith
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Tiki Barber is the Giants’ all-time leading rusher, with 10,449 career yards. He reckons he only has a few more years to hold that record.

Barber said he’s expecting Saquon Barkley to have the franchise rushing record before he’s done.

“If he stays healthy and he stays here, in New York,” Barber told NJ.com. “My records don’t have a chance.”

Barber thinks Barkley is as good a runner as Adrian Peterson — and a better receiver.

“He can be one of the greatest ever,” Barber said. “Physically, he’s a freak. I’ll parallel him to Adrian Peterson. When I first met Adrian, I looked at his muscular and body structure and was just in awe. His muscles were popping out of his skin and Saquon is the same way. That portends a durability. When you pair that with a passion and desire to be great, you get an Adrian Peterson. Saquon is the same type of player, but he’s much better, because he’s so versatile. Adrian couldn’t catch the ball out of the backfield or line up as a wide receiver. Saquon can do that at a very high level.”

That’s high praise from a former Giants great who hasn’t always had great things to say about the current Giants.

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