Tightrope performance during Thunder-Nuggets halftime show goes awry, groin-wise (VIDEO)

We here at Ball Don't Lie hope that Fletcher Runyan — trained circus performer, low-wire artist, "master of the silver strand" and occasional provider of halftime entertainment at NBA games — is of the opinion that any publicity is good publicity. Because we're going to kick off your Thursday morning with an uncomfortable bit of business that went down during halftime of Wednesday night's matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Denver Nuggets, and it's a bit of business that he probably won't like reliving, so, y'know, go to his website to ease the pain.

There is, I suspect, still plenty.


Let's look on the bright side here: He got up, he began to walk it off, and he didn't appear to tear his attire. It's like my grandfather always told me: Pain is temporary, but teal-and-blue, fringe-and-shimmering-star-laden outfits are forever. "Pride" also played a role in there somewhere, I think; it's hard to remember. So definitely continue tippin' on that tightrope, Fletcher.

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As you might expect of someone who plies his trade by walking, leaping, flipping and riding unicycles on a tightrope, this is not the first time Mr. Runyan has fallen and harmed himself in front of an arena full of people; a 2010 backflip try at a Detroit Pistons game likewise ended in pain. (He has also, it must be noted, performed admirably and genital/leg pain-free in multiple venues, wowing fans with feats of derring-do at Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers games, among other locations.)

It is also not the worst mishap in the history of Oklahoma City Thunder halftime shows, as ace OKC blogger Royce Young reminded us at Daily Thunder:

Some dude walking a tightrope was the halftime show tonight and he totally fell off and hurt his leg. So to recap, Oklahoma City nearly had someone drown to death and now some guy might've blown out his knee or something.

So Fletcher Runyan has that going for him. Which is nice.

For more information about how you can learn the art of the silver strand and open yourself up to the possibility one day being the next contestant on that BDL screen, please consult Runyan's Sweetwater, Texas, RV park circus, which is a thing that exists.

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Oh, incidentally, the Nuggets beat the Thunder 106-101 in the actual game. The win ensures that Denver won't be the Western Conference's No. 8 seed, setting up a matchup between the top-seeded San Antonio Spurs and Tyrone Corbin's Utah Jazz.

Is the clip above not working for you? Feel free to observe the ouch elsewhere, thanks to LEGOLASKIN.

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