The Tigers didn't just fight the Yankees, they fought in their own dugout too

The Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees were both ready to fight Thursday. And fight. And fight some more. Their ugly game featured five batters getting hit by pitches, eight players and coaches getting ejected and the benches clearing three times.

The Tigers apparently weren’t done there, because TV cameras also caught Tigers teammates Justin Verlander and Victor Martinez bickering in the dugout, which ended with Martinez having to be restrained because he wanted to go after Verlander.

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After the first fight, Verlander, Martinez and Nick Castellanos were in the Tigers dugout. The issue, as explained by Josh Mansour of the Detroit Free Press, was that Martinez stood with Gary Sanchez of the Yankees during the fight, but Sanchez had gotten a cheap shot in on Castellanos. As Castellanos explained this to Martinez, Verlander was peeved.

You’ll see Verlander get mad, say something to Martinez and walk away, causing Martinez to come after him, until he’s held back.

Everything in this ordeal is going to take a while to sort out — fines and suspensions from MLB’s side. The in-fighting in the Tigers clubhouse will take some time too.

Here’s hoping we at least get some angry Kate Upton tweets about it.

Justin Verlander and Victor Martinez argue in the Tigers dugout. (MLB Network)
Justin Verlander and Victor Martinez argue in the Tigers dugout. (MLB Network)

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