Tiger Woods unveils new ‘Sun Day Red’ clothing line ahead of Genesis test

Tiger Woods speaks at a news conference ahead of the Genesis Open golf tournament, Monday, Feb. 12, 2024, in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles
Tiger Woods split with Nike after one of the most lucrative associations in the history of sport - Eric Thayer/AP Photo

In his ‘Sun Day Red’, Tiger Woods’s principal priority here at his first official tournament in 10 months will be to ensure that he is around on Sunday to wear that red shirt. Otherwise, his face may resemble his “power colour”.

Woods arrived here at Riviera Country Club on Tuesday morning donning the clothing brand – shirt, jumper, slacks, glove, cap and shoes – that he unveiled on Monday evening at a glitzy launch.

All eyes are on the icon and that is just the way that he and TaylorMade want it. There is pressure, however.

In December, he made a ‘soft’ comeback at another of his foundation’s tournaments – the Hero World Championship in the Bahamas – where he came 18th of 20. This Genesis Invitational boasts a larger field, but at 70 is still limited and originally, the PGA Tour was going to dispense of a cut.

Yet as tournament promoter here, Woods – presumably to avoid accusations that the $20milion event is not much different to LIV Golf – insisted on there being a jeopardy and so after two rounds it will be pared back. But only ever so slightly.

The top 50 will advance to the weekend, as will anyone within 10 shots of the lead. It could be the most generous cut ever – “the first cut is the shallowest” as one wag put it – with a full quorum eminently possible on Saturday.

It would be understandable if Woods fails; this will be just his sixth start since the serious car crash in this very city three years ago, but he is determined to be among the surviving majority and not only because he remains a supremely competitive animal who wants to build on a decent showing here to go ahead to next month’s Players Championship at Sawgrass, and then to the Masters in April.

The exposure the straight-out-of-the-wrapper apparel would gain on network TV this weekend would be a huge boost and go some distance to justifying the hype at week’s start.

It was not quite the jawdropping “Hello World” launch of almost 30 years ago, but still it surprised many experts. Primarily, because of the name.

When it was announced last month that Nike and Woods were splitting up after their partnership, Telegraph Sport revealed that TaylorMade, the golfer’s equipment provider, was set to agree to extend the relationship. And soon, the trademarks were filed and the website domain was registered – Yet what nobody saw coming was it being split into three words.

“Sunday red is the colour that Tiger has made very famous on Sundays,” David Abeles the TaylorMade chief executive, said. “But he plays golf on more than Sundays.”

The bumf at the glitzy launch here in Tinsel Town added further explanation. “Born from being outside in the sun, the joy of playing golf during the day and a special red being the brand’s power colour….”

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