Tiger Woods turned down offer in the 'high nine digits' to join Saudi-funded LIV Golf, according to Greg Norman

Tiger Woods turned down offer in the 'high nine digits' to join Saudi-funded LIV Golf, according to Greg Norman
  • Tiger Woods reportedly turned down a massive offer to join LIV Golf.

  • According to the organization's CEO Greg Norman, Woods was offered "high nine digits" to partner with the upstart league.

  • LIV Golf will host its first-ever event this week outside London, with Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson highlighting the field.

The Saudi-backed LIV Golf Invitational Series is set to host its first event this week just outside of London.

LIV Golf has enticed several star players, including Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson, away from the PGA Tour and into the unknown with the help of huge winner's purses and big-money appearance fees.

One player LIV Golf was not able to convince to make the jump, however, was Tiger Woods — but it wasn't for lack of trying.

As LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman told the Washington Post, Woods turned down an offer that was "mind-blowingly enormous; we're talking about high nine digits."

While Norman didn't get more specific than that, taking a look at the guaranteed money other players have reportedly landed in their dealings with LIV Golf, Woods was undoubtedly turning down an astounding paycheck.

Johnson, a former No. 1 with two majors and 24 PGA Tour wins to his name, reportedly got $150 million to sign onto LIV Golf.

According to reports, Mickelson's offer was for as much as $200 million. Given the billions the Saudis have committed to getting the league off the ground and the interest that Woods would have brought to the new venture, it's not hard to imagine Woods being offered double what Mickelson secured, if not more.

Still, Woods — who has played just five events in the last two seasons — was not interested.

While the golfing icon, who has struggled with injuries for the better part of the last decade, didn't address what he was offered from LIV Golf directly, Woods made his feelings on the new league clear when speaking ahead of the PGA Championship earlier this year.

"I believe in legacies," Woods said, while addressing Mickelson's absence at the tournament and potential move to LIV Golf.

"I believe in major championships. I believe in big events, comparisons to historical figures of the past. There's plenty of money out here. The Tour is growing. But it's just like any other sport. It's like tennis. You have to go out there and earn it. You've got to go out there and play for it. We have opportunity to go ahead and do it. It's just not guaranteed up front."

As things stand, two of the top three earners in PGA Tour history (namely, Mickelson and Johnson) are heading to a new venture that has guaranteed them even more cash.

Woods, however — who over the last 26 years has earned more than $120 million on the Tour — isn't likely to join.

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