Who says a tiger can't change their stripes? Tiger Woods unveils new brand after leaving Nike

Tiger Woods points and holds a microphone, standing in front of a red backdrop with the words 'Sun Day Red' and a tiger logo.
Tiger Woods speaks at a news conference Monday at Palisades Village, where he introduced his and TaylorMade Golf's new clothing and shoes brand Sun Day Red. (Eric Thayer / Associated Press)

Tiger Woods will have a new look when he hosts and plays in the Genesis Invitational at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades this week.

In a lot of ways, it will be pretty similar to his old look.

Weeks after Woods parted ways with longtime sponsor Nike, the legendary golfer famous for wearing red on Sundays has launched a new clothing and shoe brand with TaylorMade Golf.

It's called Sun Day Red.

Get it?

“Sunday red — it’s me,” Woods said Monday during an event at Palisades Village, less than three miles away from Riviera. “It’s just become synonymous with me.”

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OK, so the obvious question is why is it "Sun Day Red" instead of "Sunday Red"?

According to the TaylorMade website, there is "a simple reason" behind the three-word name.

"There is a special power in 3's," the company states. "Calling it Sun Day Red was a fun way for us to create something completely different and unexpected. Born from a love for being outside in the sun, the joy of playing golf during the day, and a special red being the brands power color — as soon as Sun Day Red was placed on a garment for the first time, it just looked perfect."

A red polo shirt with a tiger logo under the buttons.
A Tiger Woods Sun Day Red polo shirt is displayed Monday at Palisades Village. (Eric Thayer / Associated Press)

Woods will wear some of the new gear this week at the Genesis, which features a Pro-Am on Wednesday and four rounds of golf Thursday through Sunday. The 48-year-old golfer will be playing in his first PGA event since withdrawing from the Masters in April and having ankle surgery the following month.

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Regular folks will have to wait a little longer for the new stuff. Men's golf shirts, hoodies and more will be available online in the U.S. and Canada starting May 1. Eventually the brand will expand to other markets and will include shoes, as well as items for women and children.

A blue hat and a white hat with the tiger logo.
Merchandise from Tiger Woods' Sun Day Red clothing line is displayed. (Eric Thayer / Associated Press)

And it won't all just be the color red. That would be weird. Woods appeared at Monday's event wearing a cashmere hoodie with the company's logo just below the left shoulder.

Speaking of the logo, Woods has traded the famous Nike swoosh for a bare-bones drawing of a tiger with a very specific number of stripes — 15, one for each of the human Tiger's major championships.

"We explored a variety of different logo options together, and Tiger immediately gravitated towards this," Sun Day Red president Brad Blankinship told The Times in an email. "We loved the simplicity in the logo design, its modern appearance, but also the deep storytelling behind it. There may be another Easter egg in there as well that we haven’t surfaced yet."

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So, another obvious question is what if Woods wins more majors?

“We're going to have to redo the trademark,” Woods said with a smile.

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This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.