'Tiger King' Joe Exotic calls out Florida State QB Jordan Travis for selling merch

Reality TV star and convicted felon Joe Exotic, born Joseph Maldonado, is calling for legal action against Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis after he led the Seminoles to wins over LSU and Clemson.

Maldonado, 60, took to X on Sunday afternoon with a message for the 23-year-old Heisman Trophy candidate from Palm Beach Gardens.

"Jordan Travis was 6 years old when I became The Tiger King, it is my trademark, my intellectual property and I'm sick of others cashing in on my Trademark just because President Biden cares nothing about me being wrongfully in prison in America," Maldonado wrote.

Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis led the Seminoles to a win against the Clemson Tigers.
Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis led the Seminoles to a win against the Clemson Tigers.

"I will give ANY ATTORNEY 80% of a settlement to sue Jordan Travis and ALL companies selling stuff using Tiger King."

Jordan commemorated FSU's thrilling 31-23 overtime win over Clemson with a new shirt. The shirt, with the descriptor "Jordan Travis College King 2.0 WHT" displays Travis wearing a crown and sitting on a throne with a pair of tigers before him. And the price of the shirt, which can be found on Travis' website, reflects the game's final score, $31.24.

It's not the first time the quarterback has released merchandise after toppling Tiger mascots.

After FSU's 24-23 victory against LSU in New Orleans last September, Travis dropped a shirt featuring an illustration of himself donning a crown on a throne in front of a single Bengal tiger. The shirt, which was priced at $24.23, is no longer listed on Travis' site.

Maldonado's gripe comes days after the self-proclaimed "Tiger King," propelled to fame by the 2020 Netflix docuseries of the same name, denounced Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow on social media.

Continuing his Sunday rant, Maldonado stated it's time that "quarterbacks and anyone else in this country stops stealing from others," asking "which attorney" would like to take the "multimillion dollar case" and for interested takers to send him a "DM," or direct message.

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"Until Jordan Travis walks in a cage with 20 full grown tigers and kisses them on the head, leave the Tiger King business to me," Maldonado said.

By the looks of it, Travis has yet to respond to Maldonado.

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