Tidjane Salaun: NBA draft scouting report and intel

2005 | 6’9 | 7’0 WS | 212 LBS

Team: Cholet Basket (France)

Best aggregate mock draft rank: 8 / Worst rank: NR

2023-24 stats:

In 2023-24, Tidjane Salaun averaged 9.3 points, 3.9 rebounds, 0.8 assists, 1.1 steals, and 0.2 blocks per game. He shot 40.2 percent from the field, 33.1 percent from three, and 80.2 percent from the foul line.



* Combo forward with impressive physical attributes (huge hands, long arms, big body)

* Freakishly athletic, excelling in finishing through opponents and above the rim

* Possesses ideal size and perimeter skills for a modern NBA power forward

* Demonstrates a high motor on both ends of the floor, showing hustle and intensity

* Nimble and athletic, excels in transition with elite footspeed

* Solid instincts off the ball, effective in attacking the glass on cuts and slashing to the rim

* Proficient spot-up shooter from three-point range with a smooth jump shot and high release point

* Capable of operating out of the mid-range and exploiting face-up opportunities

* Shows flashes of agility and skill on defense, capable of guarding wings and forwards

* Utilizes length to contest shots, disrupt passing lanes, and grab rebounds


* Raw player needing development time, particularly in decision-making and ball-handling

* Struggles with dribbling and has a negative assist-to-turnover ratio, lacking feel for the game

* Not a natural passer or creator for himself or others, with questionable shot selection

* Defensive footwork needs improvement, occasionally caught reaching for steals and losing position

* Rebounding and shot-blocking areas need improvement, requires strength development

* Not strong or instinctive enough to be a rim protector despite potential to be an impact defender

Scotto's draft notes:

“Some people have Salaun off the board by five, and others have him off the board by 20,” an NBA executive told HoopsHype. “You hope he’s going to be tough and physical enough to play at this level in two or three years from now. I think at some point in this draft, you’ve got to go off upside, and he’s one of those guys that could be a good player long-term. Every team is looking for as much size as they can get with skill. He’s got some budding skill for a guy his size. That’s something you want to gamble on.”

“I was putting Salaun in my back pocket as someone who could slide into the 20s, but he’s going to go higher than that now,” an NBA scout told HoopsHype. “He’s got size, and he’s making outside shots.”

“Salaun is interesting,” an NBA executive told HoopsHype. “He has massive hands, long arms, a big body, and a great frame.”

Excerpts of HoopsHype’s Aggregate Mock Draft from colleague Michael Scotto, who contributed research to this story, can be found here.

Story originally appeared on HoopsHype