Tickets to Cavaliers games are selling for $2 on third party sites

With LeBron James now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, you knew it was going to be a down year in Cleveland for the Cavaliers. However, nobody thought the team was going to take this much of a dip.

According to TMZ, Cavaliers tickets were reselling on third-party sites for Wednesday’s game against the Brooklyn Nets for $2.


Cleveland got hammered by the Nets, 102-86, but that’s not even the worst part. Looking at reseller websites, there are several games for the Cavaliers that fans could purchase for single-digit figures.

In fact, for a game next week against the Atlanta Hawks, parking is four (4!) times the cost of a ticket.

The reality is that teams don’t make as much money as you might think off of getting people in the door. The NBA machine is based on TV deals, concessions, apparel, and corporate suite sales. Teams also have complex algorithms that determine the price of tickets throughout the course of the day.

Nevertheless, if you are in Northeast Ohio and want to head out for a game, apparently you’ll get some change back from you $20 at Quicken Loans Arena.