Thursday’s Hot Clicks: Dwight Howard Bought a Purple Car Because He Admires Thanos

Dan Gartland
Sports Illustrated

Were we watching the same movie?

Dwight Howard may want to fire up Netflix and watch Avengers: Infinity War again, because I don’t think he grasped what was going on in the movie. 

Howard recently took sports reporter Graham Bensinger on a tour of his 15-acre estate northeast of Atlanta. He says he likes to go there to meditate and hug trees. He also shows off his collection of cars—a motorcycle Howard says he took up to speeds of 170 mph, a Hummer-type vehicle his son calls a monster truck and a purple Rolls Royce. 

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As for the color choice, Howard explains it was “because of Thanos.”

“He’s my favorite character,” Howard continues. “He was able to understand that, in order for him to complete his mission, he had to get rid of his emotions. And that’s hardest thing that we all we face.”

Thanos’s mission, to be clear, is eliminating half of all life in the universe. He’s a genocidal intergalactic warlord. Among the emotions he has to get rid of is love for his daughter, who he throws off of a cliff at the urging of an undead Nazi in order to move one step closer to his goal. This is not the guy you’re supposed to be rooting for in the movie!

But you have to consider Howard’s particular circumstances. The only way he can be an above average NBA player again is if half of all life magically disappears.

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