Thursday's Morning Email: Dems Say They Have Deal On DACA, Trump Tweets Otherwise



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TOP DEMS SAY THEY HAVE A DEAL WITH TRUMP TO PROTECT DREAMERS, TRUMP TWEETS OTHERWISE “House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) say they and President Donald Trump have ‘agreed’ to pass legislation to protect the nation’s 800,000 Dreamers from deportation.” In a series of tweets on Thursday, Trump denied a deal had been made and claimed he never wanted to deport Dreamers in the first place. And anti-immigration conservatives are none-too-pleased with the idea. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] THAT TIME TREASURY SECRETARY STEVE MNUCHIN ASKED TO USE A GOVERNMENT PLANE FOR HIS EUROPEAN HONEYMOON Which would have cost taxpayers $25,000 per hour to operate. [HuffPost] 1 DEAD, 3 INJURED AFTER A STUDENT OPENED FIRE AT WASHINGTON HIGH SCHOOL The suspect is currently detained. [HuffPost] WHY YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT THE RUSSIAN WAR GAMES The six-day joint military exercise “is expected to be the biggest display of Russian military power since the end of the Cold War a quarter-century ago.” [NYT] 8 DEAD IN FLORIDA NURSING HOME AFTER HURRICANE IRMA KNOCKS OUT A/C The victims ranged in age from 71 to 99. [HuffPost] NORTH KOREA THREATENS JAPAN AND U.S. Over their support of UN sanctions. And it turns out their latest nuclear test may have been twice as powerful as previously reported. [HuffPost] WHAT’S BREWING

MARTIN SHKRELI HAS BEEN JAILED A judge ordered him to be jailed after he offered a $5,000 reward for a piece of Hillary Clinton’s hair. [Reuters] SO LONG, CORDS 22 million Americans will have canceled their cable and satellite TV by the end of 2017. [Variety] MEET THE SILICON VALLEY START-UP THAT MANAGED TO TICK OFF PRETTY MUCH EVERYBODY By first taking the name Bodega, and then going after mom-and-pop stores’ business. [HuffPost] THE GUY BEHIND THE HITS “The most influential playlist in music is Spotify’s RapCaviar, which turns mixtape rappers into megastars. And it’s all curated by one man.” [Vulture] MEET BABY GOAT Serena Williams introduced the world to her baby girl, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. [HuffPost] SO MUCH FOR PUPPY LOVE Thirty-nine people contracted a bacterial infection from contagious puppies at Petland. Nine have been hospitalized. [HuffPost]


ESPN’s Jemele Hill is not backing down from her Trump comments. Motel 6 confirms that employees at their Arizona sites were calling ICE. The family of an 8-year-old biracial boy in New Hampshire say teens hung him from a tree with a rope. Newark customs officers have been arrested over the “rape table.” The Ted Cruz Twitter porn incident resulted in this cringe-worthy CNN interview. Jimmy Kimmel takes Sean Spicer to town over what a fact is. Check out The New Yorker cover the magazine was planning to run if Hillary Clinton had won. We are scarred for life by these photos of the world’s longest eyelashes. Did Alex Jones expect he wouldn’t be trolled over this Infowars job opening? The most popular baby names per state. Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin appeared in divorce court. What style looks like in Birmingham, Alabama. 12 accents, 2 minutes, 1 guy. Hillary Clinton says she relaxed post-election with alternate nostril breathing and some Chardonnay.  Harrison Ford finally responded to Carrie Fisher’s account of their affair. Would we stay at this hotel just to order the 10-pound donut? Absolutely. Bathrobes are in style now, which sounds pretty darn fantastic. Can we steal Pippa Middleton’s chic haircut? Angelina Jolie opened up about wanting to move on from her split from Brad Pitt. And now for the ultimate question of our time: Is there a right and wrong side to aluminum foil?

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