Thunder's Steven Adams accepts prom invitation ... 3 years too late

Law school prom is evidently a thing.

In 2015, aspiring lawyer and Oklahoma City Thunder fan Lauren decided she wanted to go to hers with OKC big man Steven Adams. Lauren, who has left her full name off of her social media posts, did some fine Photoshop work for a law student to entice Adams to attend her school’s formal.

Good news, Lauren. Steven said yes!

On Monday.

Not the Monday after she posted her proposal. Monday, as in today. The day this blog post was published. In 2018.

So, Adams is a little late to the game. And it appears that Lauren is now a fully-fledged lawyer. Her Twitter bio says she is, so it must be true.

And she also still seems game. With no law school prom to attend now, she also appears willing to improvise.

So, good for you Lauren. Hopefully Adams will get back to you before another three years pass.

Steven Adams (AP)
Steven Adams (AP)

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