Thunder big man Mitch McGary is 'The Snake God,' FYI

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Mitch McGary had some time on his hands last fall while recovering from a left foot fracture, so the Oklahoma City Thunder rookie passed the time like any of us would — by buying three baby snakes, naming them Zoey, Zeus and Layla, and going about the business of raising them. McGary's clearly a doting and committed pet owner; I mean, check out just how much the "babies" have grown under the warm, nurturing care of "The Snake God."

Oh, bee-tee-dubs, Mitch McGary is calling himself "THE SNAKE GOD."

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Now, if you're anything like intrepid Thunder beat reporter Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman, you might be a bit concerned for the well-being of the 23-year-old big man — you know, on account of all those snakes around his neck. McGary appreciates your concern, but assures you that there's nothing to fear here:

Of course there isn't. I mean, this is "The Snake God" we're talking about.

Yeesh. It's almost like you guys don't have a healthy enough respect for the command that "The Snake God" has over the non-poisonous beasts under his dominion. Relax, gang. Maybe just have a Coke and a smile and let "The Snake God" do what he does: call himself "The Snake God" while snakes writhe around his neck.

In conclusion: Mitch McGary is "The Snake God," and I want everyone to know that.

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