Three quotes from Doc Rivers’ HBO interview with Bob Costas

Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers sat down with Bob Costas for an interview on the legendary broadcaster’s HBO show, “Back on the Record With Bob Costas. The interview aired at 11 p.m., Eastern time, on Friday night. The discussion was focused mainly on the recent anti-Semitism controversy surrounding Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving.

Rivers and Costas branched into other topics, as well. They touched upon the toxic nature of social media, how online platforms blur the journalistic lines between propaganda and truth, and the duties that the NBA community and humanity, as a whole, has to speak up and denounce social issues.

Here are three quotes from the interview.

On how he would've handled Kyrie Irving sharing an antisemitic movie on his Twitter page

“You know, things are tweeted or put on Instagram before we can react. It’s already out. And I guarantee you, and, from what I’ve heard they did the right thing and told him what you should do, I think the first thing, you just got to go to the guy and just tell him what’s wrong and right. Get him to understand the consequences and that this hurts people. I know Kyrie, and I don’t think he’s a bad kid at all. I thought he was a stubborn kid.”

On social media being a platform for the boisterous

“Everybody’s brave because you’re at a screen. No one knows who you are. But if you were a reporter and you wrote a bad article about me, you know what you did? You came to practice the next day. Now, there’s stuff written about players, coaches all the time, we’ve never seen the person. The guy’s never been to a practice or a game, but people read it as truth. As I say a lot, a lie told a thousand times is still a lie. It does not become the truth.”

On active NBA players being silent in the aftermath of Kyrie Irving's situation

“We have to walk the walk. We really do. If someone does something bad, we have to say it — all of us. LeBron said it. I’ve also found this to be true. I found this with the George Floyd thing. It doesn’t have to be the race of the race, if you know what I’m saying. A black guy says something, we go out and try to find a black guy to say, ‘That’s wrong’. No, everyone, what’s wrong is wrong. When George Floyd happened, we didn’t need a black guy. We needed whites, we needed everyone to say, ‘That was wrong’. And that’s what I’m striving for. That’s what I want. It should be colorless. A Jewish person shouldn’t have to say that what Kyrie was doing or posted, not that Kyrie was bad, but what he posted was bad. It should have been all of us and it should be all of us. And the same thing when we see anything else, racially. It should be everyone. We all have a consciousness and we all have to grasp that this is all of us. We are humanity. And to me, that’s what has to happen. And this is a good test for our league, it really is.”

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire