Three more Alabama football players test positive

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Last week, five Alabama football players tested positive for the coronavirus, while working out independently of the football program. Now, more members of the Crimson Tide reportedly have the virus, only days after the resumption of voluntary team workouts.

Via CFT, another three players have tested positive. None of the eight have symptoms.

That doesn’t, and won’t, reduce the importance of limiting the extent to which those players are around the team. Any football player who tests positive at the college or pro level undoubtedly will be quarantined until clear of the virus. Otherwise, the virus can spread through the team and any teams that team may play, making college football teams individual hot spots for further spread to roommates, friends, family members, classmates, and so on.

The NFL needs to be watching these situations closely as it prepares to deal with its own inevitable outbreaks, large or small, of the virus. Eventually, someone will get it and not be asymptomatic. Given the age of coaches and the health condition of certain players (especially the linemen), a very bad outcome eventually could happen for Alabama, any other college program, or the NFL.

Three more Alabama football players test positive originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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