Three Denver Nuggets team up to support the pro-athlete, anti-homophobia You Can Play Project (Video)

Almost one year ago to the day, Denver Nuggets big man Kenneth Faried publicly came out in favor of same-sex marriage, while triumphing the work his mother and step-mom did in raising him in a same-sex household. A year later, Faried and two Nuggets teammates – Quincy Miller and Randy Foye – have made a video in support of You Can Play, an organization that promotes tolerance and the ability for gay and lesbian athletes to be honest about their sexuality with their teammates without having to fear for reprisal or shunning.

Here’s the clip, which also features members of the boys and girls basketball team at Denver’s East High School:

This is a small step, but a great step. You would have liked to see the other athletes on the Nugget roster, and especially the team’s coaching staff, go on record as telling anyone who clicks on a clip that talent and performance trump anything else when it comes to working with and embracing teammates, but for now we’ll take the fine work of Mssrs. Miller, Faried and Foye.

You Can Play’s website can be found here, and I would encourage you to follow them on Twitter.

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