Three Boston Celtics alumni among league’s biggest one-season salary drops

The Boston Celtics have long been a team that star players near the twilight of their respective careers often have signed up with. Whether to be associated with the storied franchise, or to capitalize on the strength of the team at the time, Boston has been a place with open doors for veterans looking to have played out their careers in green and white.

One unintended consequence of that trend is that many a star inking a late-career deal with the Celtics has seen the size of their paycheck drop considerably as a result of their new role. In some cases, historically so.

A recent article by HoopsHype’s Sam Yip put together a review of the biggest such salary drops from one season to the next, and more than one Boston alumnus made an appearance — let’s take a look at which.

No. 24 - Jermaine O'Neal (Boston): -$17,251,000

(Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images)

No. 19 - Shaquille O'Neal (Boston): -$18,647,819

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

No. 1 Blake Griffin (Boston): - $29,499,966

Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire