Three bold predictions for the Raiders vs. Titans on Sunday


The Oakland Raiders will try to bounce back from a rough week two loss on the road then they travel to Tennessee to take on the Titans. As usual, these predictions are aimed at what I’d like to see from the Raiders in a winning effort. in other words, if all three of these come true, they should really win the game.

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But first, let’s look back at last week’s predictions. I went into last week with a 2-1 record, let’s see how I came out of it:

1 – Derek Carr throws for over 300 yards and two or more touchdowns

This is cheating, but I’m gonna go ahead and give myself this one. Carr threw for 299 yards and three touchdowns. It was a solid day for Carr even though the Falcons did a good job of limiting his ability to make big plays, forcing him to settle for checkdowns.

2 – Bruce Irvin gets two sacks

Not.Even.Close. The only sack on the day came from Stacy McGee. In an eerily similar situation to week one, McGee got a big sack early in the game then the Raiders pass rush wasn’t heard from again. Irvin hasn’t been bad for the Raiders, but he needs to get home more.

3 – Raiders get two turnovers

In reality, the Raiders should have gotten this given that tipped ball that freakishly went for a touchdown rather than an interception. Instead, they settled for one turnover, a pick by David Amerson. It was still more than the Falcons but not enough to win the game.

So, after two weeks, I am 3-3 going 2-1 in week one and 1-2 in week two. Let’s see how I do in week three:


1 – Raiders tally 150 yards on the ground again

The Raiders have managed to fix the run game going two straight weeks with more than 150 yards on the ground. While Latavius Murray is officially the starter, it’s a clear “back my committee” situation with he, Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington sharing most of the duties. That formula has worked well through the first two weeks and will continue to work against the Titans.

2 – Khalil Mack tallies his first sack of the year

Marcus Mariota is a mobile quarterback who can avoid pressure with his legs, but I’m still saying Mack will get his first sack. Part of the problem with a mobile quarterback is their tendency to escape pressure outside of the pocket rather than stepping up in the pocket. When you have Khalil Mack waiting for you outside, that’s not going to work all of the time. By the way, it’s sad that saying Mack will get a sack is a bold prediction but given his slow start and historical tendency to start slow, it is.

3 – Defense holds Titans to under 500 yards and under 24 points

Those aren’t exactly lofty expectations but when you’ve been as bad as the Raiders have, these really are bold predictions. They have yet do accomplish either of these feats this season and the Titans offense sets up very well against the Raiders. They can run the ball and the Raiders can’t stop the run. Plus, the Raider struggle with a moving QB as was shown when Matt Ryan would roll out of the pocket and gash the Raiders last week. This could end up being the WORST week for the Raiders defense, but I’m going to predict they show slight but noteworthy improvement.

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