Three attempts from Dirk Nowitzki at singing ‘We Are the Champions’

My appreciation for the band Queen has been documented in these pages before. A poster of the cover of their second album hangs six feet away from where I type this, and the playing of their anthem "We Are the Champions" always brings a few goosebumps. Mainly because I know that the rest of the fantastic "News of the World" album will follow, but also because it reminds us of things that we've enjoyed a part of winning before. Little League Baseball championships, beer pong tournaments, hardscrabble Scrabble victories, or your favorite team winning the NBA Finals.

It's OK to want to belt the song out. Which is why we allow Dirk Nowitzki, the 2011 NBA Finals MVP, these three trespasses.

From after Sunday's Game 6:


And, we're left to assume, many, many hours after Sunday's Game 6:

And from Thursday's Mavericks championship parade:


Oh, dear. You know, when you lead a team to an NBA championship, you can belt all you want.

Still, take it, boys:

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