The three amusing versions of Jay Cutler on Very Cavallari season premiere

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Dan Santaromita
Jay Cutler was in peak form for the Season 2 premiere of his wife's reality show, Very Cavallari.
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The three amusing versions of Jay Cutler on Very Cavallari season premiere originally appeared on

Very Cavallari is a reality show named after Kristin Cavallari, but for any sports fans, especially those in Chicago, the real star of the show is former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

In the Season 2 premiere, which aired on Sunday, Cutler was back to his classic Cutty ways. He wasn't always featured heavily in Season 1, but in Sunday's episode we saw three versions of Jay Cutler, all more amusing than the last.

Jay Cutler, the woodsman

Cutler's first scene features him wearing a camo jacket and Cavallari chasing after him on their farm in her heels. She asks him what he is doing and he gives a simple, appropriately vague response: "Managing property."

As this conversation is happening, Cutler is holding a large stick he found in the yard and smacking it against the palm of his hand.

"I was giving a little look and I found this cool stick," Cutler said.

That is high-quality television from a former NFL quarterback.

Cavallari described Cutler as "living his best life," which has become Cutler's brand in retirement. Cutler used to quarterback the Bears in front of tens of thousands of fans every Sunday. Now he mows the lawn, plants trees and tends to chickens, goats and dogs. Life comes at you fast.

Cutler proceeded to ask Cavallari, whose fashion store is doing well, if he could have an allowance. Cutler made more than $100 million in his NFL career and he is asking his wife for an allowance. Classic.

"I didn't get an allowance when you were playing football," Cavallari said.

"I know, but I gave you a credit card," Cutler responded. "It's like an allowance. It's actually better."

Jay Cutler, the llama whisperer

Cutler's next notable scene features him making friends with a llama. Reality television really is running out of ideas at this point.

Cavallari encourages Cutler to hang out at country singer Luke Bryan's house with his wife, Caroline. Cutler discovers Luke won't be there and immediately wants nothing to do with this.

"So it's gonna be goats and girls and a farm, I think I'm good," Cutler said.

Cavallari makes the visit on her own and takes on the Bryan's pet llama for a short babysitting stint. Cutler just happens to drive up soon after the llama is delivered (what amazing timing that surely wasn't coordinated by the show producers) and is initially unimpressed.

Cutler gradually gets on board when the llama, named Pecka, starts aggressively moving towards a goat in the yard.

"I feel like Pecka is about to fight," he said. "I'll watch this all day long."

Then Cutler whistled over to Pecka and she came over quickly. Add "llama whisperer" to the list of unexpected talents of Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler, the relationship counselor

Finally, Cavallari's friend, Kelly, was over and she started talking about her dating life with Cavallari. Cutler intervened in typical Jay fashion.

Kelly complained that the guy wasn't looking for something serious, but instead was looking to have fun. Cutler shut that down immediately.

"I don't understand what's the problem with that," Cutler said. "I don't understand why you just can't date somebody and let it just naturally turn into something more, like a normal person would do."

Cutler later describes the situation as "idiotic." You could pay a therapist a lot of money to try to give you good advice or you could just have Jay Cutler keep it real for you.

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