Thomas Morstead tells Jets fans relax and ‘we’re gonna be ok’ after his initial cut

The Jets showed an example of how teams like to play roster gymnastics on Tuesday. Their initial 53-man roster included a kicker and a long snapper but not a punter. Thomas Morstead was among the group of Jets moved to get the team down to 53 players.

No need to panic here. Morstead took to X to let Jets fans know things are just fine.

The R-E-L-A-X is a classic Aaron Rodgers phrase and this was a good time for it. The Jets likely made some kind of handshake deal with both Morstead and fullback Nick Bawden to come back to the team after these initial cuts. Both were vested veterans, meaning they could sign immediately and were not subject to waivers.

Morstead is the guy for the Jets and there is at least one easy move the Jets can make to get him back and that’s to place rookie offensive tackle Carter Warren on injured reserve. Since Warren made the initial 53, he can be placed on IR and be designated to return later in the season. That should easily get Morstead back with the Jets.

Keep calm. Things will be just fine with the Jets’ punting game this season. Relax.

Story originally appeared on Jets Wire