Thomas Brown recalls story of Bryce Young’s insane preparation

Hey, Carolina Panthers fans—are you worried about Bryce Young carrying over some of his underwhelming debut into Monday night? Well, you shouldn’t be, because that’s probably long behind him at this point.

Offensive coordinator Thomas Brown was a guest on Thursday’s episode of The NFL Report, hosted by NFL Network reporters Steve Wyche and James Palmer. When asked if Young will be able to bounce back from his two-interception afternoon in Atlanta, he had one heck of a story to pull out.

“One of the things I love about Bryce is his overall approach,” Brown said. “Further back, we were kinda goin’ through the process of evaluating quarterbacks. So, we’re on a couple planes, flyin’ around the country to interview quarterbacks, but also watch those guys throw in person. And so I meet with all the quarterbacks and ask those guys some similar questions.

“And one of the questions I asked of all the quarterbacks was, ‘Just take me through—ok, the game is done, it’s Saturday night—what’s your weekly process from the time the game ends to the next game?’ And so, most quarterbacks probably have a 10-to-15-minute response, right? So we’re 17 minutes into Bryce answerin’ the question and we’re still on Tuesday morning.

“When it comes to his overall development—like, he has a great approach, a great process towards understanding how to move on past the game. Learn from those mistakes. But also build upon what he did well also.”

Despite the results, both on the scoreboard and in the box score, Young did do a few things quite well in Week 1 according to Brown—including his operation in the huddle and his sideline communication. And luckily for the Panthers, the rookie seemingly knows what to bring and not to bring over from his first start to his next.

That’s why they drafted him, right?

Story originally appeared on Panthers Wire