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This athletic trainer is helping the Kansas City Chiefs win by prioritizing sleep

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Athletes are among the most high-performing people on the planet: It’s essentially a part of their job description. And the highest level of performance simply doesn’t happen without sleep — whether that’s for the competitors who leave it all on the field, or their trainers who help them show up as their strongest and most powerful selves game after game.

Sleep is an essential part of Tiffany Morton’s daily routine, as she starts her days at 5 a.m. in her groundbreaking role as the first woman trainer for the Kansas City Chiefs. While many check their social media apps as soon as they wake up, Morton checks her Sleep Number 360® smart bed app to see how long she slept and to see how high her SleepIQ® score is.

Rest is crucial for her, as she is not only responsible for ensuring her athletes are playing to the best of their potential, but she also has the added pressure of doing this for a Super Bowl-winning team, which means they’re operating at an even higher level. 

“Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals, so our focus is preventing injuries and taking care of anyone who does have an injury and then rehabilitating them,” Morton says. And sleep is a major aid in that recovery. Eighty percent of the body’s human growth hormone is produced during the first four hours of sleep. 

Morton’s day is jam packed, as she gets to her office early and then hits the football field for practice. Sleep is an important part of her day as well, as there is always at least one player who is struggling with rest, whether it's due to stress or injury. That’s one of the reasons why Morton and her team recommend Sleep Number® products — she wants to give her athletes the best tools that will help them perform at their highest level, as well as getting the team back to the Super Bowl.

Nearly 90% of the Chiefs players have the Sleep Number 360® smart bed, and she believes its SleepIQ® technology is instrumental in helping these athletes get the best sleep possible on a regular basis. Technology is key in Morton’s work; when the players share their data with her, Morton says it helps deliver objective data that puts her and the players on the same page, so they can set goals and measure growth, whether that’s their on- and off-field stats or the metrics they can track through SleepIQ®.

And because creating a routine is integral for athletes, Morton and her team work to figure out the best habits for her players to adopt. She asks questions such as, '​”What is your pattern, and what exactly do you do on a regular basis?” and “How do we create something that feels natural to you?”

Ultimately, Morton wants to help her athletes bring their dreams to fruition. Sleep makes it all possible and helps them to become the best versions of themselves, one night of rest at a time.

From Sleep Number:

Sleep Number’s purpose is to improve the health and well-being of society through higher quality sleep. And sleep science and data are the core of our innovations. Our award-winning 360® smart beds benefit from our proprietary SleepIQ® technology — learning from over 11 billion hours of highly accurate sleep data — to provide effortless comfort and individualized sleep health insights, including your daily SleepIQ® score. For life-changing sleep, visit sleepnumber.com.

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