This Angels baserunning blunder will make your head spin

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There are some moments in baseball that require no description.

Then there are moments in baseball where no description or explanation will begin to help us understand what we’ve witnessed.

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One such moment occurred during Saturday's Los Angeles Angels-Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

That's where Angels first baseman Justin Bour turned a routine single into a baserunning adventure that defied logic and resulted in one of the wildest and most bizarre series of events you’ll ever see in a baseball game.

It was 20 seconds of pure chaos, immediately followed by confusion and then concession.

It started with Cubs right fielder Ben Zobrist trying to catch Bour off guard by throwing behind him at first base. When the throw bounced off Bour’s cleats to the backstop, he attempted to take second base. That’s when catcher Willson Contreras appeared to save the day with a rocket throw to second base.

Until Bour was called safe.

Cubs shortstop Javier Baez is usually a magician when it comes to applying tags. Not this time. This tag was a little awkward, which led to the safe call. But Bour ended up disappearing anyway. Not realizing he’d been called safe, Bour walked away clearly thinking he was out. That allowed Baez to really tag him out.

It was one of those moments that reminds us baseball players are human.

Fortunately for Bour and the Angels, they quickly bounced from this mishap. They scored three runs in the second inning and went on to win the game 6-5.

The Angels Justin Bour committed a baserunning blunder for the ages. (AP Photo)
The Angels Justin Bour committed a baserunning blunder for the ages. (AP Photo)

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