Third time’s a charm for Carlos Correa who agrees to deal with Twins… or is it? I The Rush

After contract offers with both the Giants and Mets failed to be finalized, shortstop Carlos Correa agreed to terms with a third team this offseason… the Minnesota Twins! Correa played for the Twins last year and reportedly agreed to the lowest offer yet, pending a physical examination, which is where everything went wrong for him with both the Giants and Mets. Plus, the Arizona Cardinals surprised retiring defensive end J.J. Watt with a moving video tribute that got the waterworks flowing.

Video Transcript


(SINGING) Let's get physical.

- There's his first as a Twin.

(SINGING) Physical. I want to get physical.

- Correa spears it.

(SINGING) Let's get physical.

- Coming out of the sky.

(SINGING) Let me hear your body talk, your body talk. Let me hear your body talk. Let's get physical.


JARED QUAY: Stop me if you heard this before. But shortstop Carlos Correa has agreed to terms with the team this offseason.

- Stop right there.

JARED QUAY: First, Correa agreed to terms with the San Francisco Giants for $350 million back in December. But the deal was certainly called off by the Giants the morning of his introductory press conference--

- Oh, damn.

JARED QUAY: --reportedly due to concerns that popped up during Correa's physical examination regarding his lower right leg that had been surgically repaired in 2014. Billionaire Mets owner Steve Cohen was like, cool, let's go discount shopping and agreed to terms with Correa on a $350-million contract.

- Big sale, huge sale.

JARED QUAY: But then, the Mets weren't satisfied with Correa's physical results either. I mean, what the hell are they seeing in this guy's leg?

- I want to know.

JARED QUAY: And now, here we are in January, where a third team has come forward to offer Correa a contract. This time, it's the team he played for last year. The Minnesota Twins had a deeply discounted rate of $200 million, pending a physical.

- Yeah!

JARED QUAY: Former MLB pitcher Dallas Braden made a point that Correa is probably the first player ever to agree to more than $800 million in contract money in the same offseason. On the flip side, he's probably the first one to lose more than $600 million in a single offseason.

And that's assuming he actually ends up on the Twins' roster, which reportedly seems likely to happen. Twins must have had this doctor performing a physical.


Oh, here is the doctor. Could it be this doctor? Eh, probably this doctor. No, this is our guy. Yep, that explains it. Sunday was future Hall of Famer JJ Watt's final NFL game. And the Arizona Cardinals wanted to send him off into the sunset with a surprise video tribute.

- You're going to love this, I hope.


- Brother, Jaje, I just wanted to say congratulations on retirement.

JARED QUAY: Oh, man, they came right out of the gate with JJ's brother TJ, cue the Watt-erworks. Do you get it? Watt-erworks, all right.

- You ending up in the NFL, and you being a Defensive Player of the Year, and you having all the success that you had showed me that it's possible.

JARED QUAY: Damn, I think JJ cries harder than he hits. Who knew? Of course, that wasn't all.

- Man, you were a pain in my ass for a long time. It was an honor to share the field with you.


JARED QUAY: I'm broken up about Tom and Gisele's divorce too, bro. If they can't make it happen, then who can?

KEALIA WATT: It has been such an honor to watch you work your ass off these past years and do whatever you needed to do to be the best.

JARED QUAY: Yeah, right there, JJ realizing he's about to become the best at doing the dishes, vacuuming, and changing diapers because he'll have a lot of free time on his hands. But in all seriousness, JJ is one of our favorites. He's on Mount Rushmore of "The Rush" [? guests. ?] And I'm happy he's retiring.

But damn, I'm going to miss him out there on the field.


Man, there must be dust in my eyes or pollen in the room, man.


Go ahead, Kealia.

KEALIA WATT: And you've always been so generous and kind and loving to everybody around you. And you never forgot who you are. I know Cole will be so proud to be your son.



JARED QUAY: I'm not crying. It's just-- I even got no water going in my eyes. It's more of a feeling.