Third-round pick Malachi Corley plans to stay in Aaron Rodgers' guest house

Jets third-round pick Malachi Corley's path to early success is based on making a quick connection with Aaron Rodgers and the wide receiver isn't wasting any time with that.

Corley is at the Jets facility this weekend for the team's rookie minicamp and it sounds like he'll be in a position to spend a lot of time with Rodgers heading into the season. Corley said that he spoke to Rodgers after being drafted and that the quarterback made him a generous offer when it comes to living arrangements.

“I only talked to him on draft night,” Corley said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “I’ve texted him the last couple of nights. I’m just like a little kid. He’s an adult. He’s the MVP, Hall of Famer, all those types of things. I’m just like a little kid talking to him all the time, texting him, trying to see what he’s done to stay consistent in the league, the things that he’s done to work on his mental health, how he’s kept his body alive so long. He said I could stay in his guest house if I want to. So, yeah, me and him are close. That’s going to be my dog while I’m here.”

Corley said he'll be taking Rodgers up on the chance to bunk together and that should provide plenty of opportunities for the two players to come up with ways to make plays together on the field come the fall.