'I think Farke has done a remarkable job'

Don't go to bed just yet graphic

Does manager Daniel Farke have enough of a "plan B" in fixtures?

BBC Radio Leeds' Jonny Buchan pondered the question on the latest episode of Don't Go To Bed Just Yet, which landed in the charts 24 hours after the Whites missed out on promotion at Wembley.

Considering the point, Kaiser Chiefs bassist Simon Rix said: "With Bielsa there were clear patterns of play that you could spot, things that Bielsa worked on saying 'if you do this 10 times one time you'll score'. It was training players that maybe weren't the best on how to make decisions that will get us goals.

"This year has been more about trying not to concede any goals and one of those players trying to do something magic."

Leeds United reporter Adam Pope said: "I would imagine Farke would argue against that. If you are going to criticise, there has been a late introduction of substitutes. I think we expected something nearer half time. I still think he has done a remarkable job. I probably felt it would be two years to judge him on. Come September I thought Leeds would be second and then I thought they'd win the play-off final. I think he can be reasonably happy with what he has achieved."

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