Things you never knew you could make with puff pastry dough

If you’re looking for a fresh take for your pastry flakes, here are five unique recipes that use puff pastry. 1. Puff pastry pizza . Margherita-style pizza can be made using any frozen puff pastry. 2. Mini puff pastry croissant cereal . This meta recipe features a breakfast within a breakfast. 3. Cheesy garlic puff pastry sticks . What do you get when you add puff pastry, cheese, and garlic? A delicious recipe for cheesy garlic puff pastry sticks. 4. Bacon jam puff pastry . This recipe involves one sheet of puff pastry cut into four square slices. Once baked, Top off with scrambled eggs and a garnish of salt and parsley. 5. Puff pastry mashed potato cone. Behold a meal disguised as a dessert! Once the puff pastry cones are baked, use a piping bag to fill them with creamy mashed potatoes