The only thing better than this Seahawks TD? The celebration

The Seattle Seahawks unveiled their latest touchdown celebration, and we reiterate: touchdown celebrations are awesome.

Just one week after their brilliant hit-by-pitch celebration, the Seahawks showed off a fully choreographed jazz-handed bit of showbiz dazzle after Jaron Brown caught a spectacular back-of-the-end-zone pass from Russell Wilson, as you can see above.

A few questions:

• When and where do they practice this kind of thing? Because that one takes effort and planning, and that’s not something you can really do at team facilities unless you want the coaches biting your head off.

• How many people are involved in the planning here? Does every receiver have his own distinctive headlining dance? And what if one of the supporting dancers isn’t on the field at the time of the touchdown? Do they train the backups too, just in case?

• Could someone please put this to music and tag me on Twitter (@jaybusbee)?

And now, a public service announcement. If you’re one of those types who think players ought to just hand the ball to the ref and — say it with us now — “act like you’ve been there before,” do us all a favor: adjust the rabbit ears on your television, turn the dial to some old Johnny Carson reruns, and maybe dial up one of your fellow curmudgeons on a rotary phone. Touchdowns are fun, celebrations are even more fun, and the NFL — despite a rough few years of late — is starting to get fun again.

The Seahawks unveiled the year’s best touchdown celebration. (Screenshot)
The Seahawks unveiled the year’s best touchdown celebration. (Screenshot)

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