There's a pattern of immaturity throughout Dwayne Haskins' time in Washington

Peter Hailey
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There's a pattern of immaturity throughout Haskins' career originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Dwayne Haskins' maturity is being called into question after photos of him partying mask-less on Sunday night have spread on social media. After the Washington Football Team acknowledged it was aware of the pictures, Haskins apologized for "creating a distraction."

Unfortunately, while this particular story feels particularly egregious because Haskins is clearly violating the NFL's COVID-19 protocols, it is also far from the first instance in which the quarterback's been criticized for his decision making, and not the kind that involves reading a defense.

As a rookie, Haskins didn't have much success in his first training camp or his first few appearances on the field, albeit those came in relief and in less than ideal circumstances. Once he became the starter, however, he flashed some top-end ability and finally notched his first career win against the Lions in Week 12.

Yet the triumph wasn't without controversy. 

Instead of Haskins taking the final kneel down, Case Keenum was the one in victory formation. Why? Because Haskins was taking a selfie with a fan in the stands, so he wasn't available to finish off the contest.

Some dismissed the act as a young pro being a little too enthusiastic about his first taste of success on a Sunday. Others wondered if it was a sign that he may not be ready to lead a franchise. Still, even those in the latter camp didn't have much public evidence to support their concerns.

Haskins' second campaign has provided more evidence.

No. 7 put together an impressive offseason that helped him enter 2020 as the starter for a new coaching staff. Ron Rivera saw on social media how hard Haskins was working and said it gave him confidence in the signal caller's apparent, newfound dedication. There was true hope that together, the pair could solidify Washington's two most key positions.

Well, currently, it looks like the Week One upset of the Eagles will be the highlight for the duo. Following the opener, Haskins turned the ball over four times in Cleveland and then reportedly bragged about his stats after a loss versus the Ravens. 

Rivera benched him a few days later, and he didn't just bump him down to the second spot on the depth chart, either; the former Ohio State QB was demoted all the way to third string.

Since then, Haskins has been fined by the team for violating COVID-19 protocols during their trip to New York for a meeting with the Giants, seen his name floated about during the trade deadline only to not be moved and now is in the middle of the ongoing drama about what he did hours after losing to the Seahawks, where he started for the first time since early October.

Lastly, ever since he was selected with the 15th overall pick in 2019, there have been constant, overall doubts about his preparation and study habits. Rivera and coordinator Scott Turner have not been shy about asking for him to do more in those areas. 

So much of his tenure with the Burgundy and Gold has been disappointing, because Haskins absolutely has the skill set to thrive in the league and they certainly could use an up-and-comer more than just about any other organization in the sport. 

Perhaps the most disappointing part, though, was that in a June 10 presser with reporters, Haskins promised these types of things wouldn't happen anymore.

"I won't necessarily say it's about football, it's with everything in life: I just wanted to be a man about my business and that's on and off the field," he said when discussing some adjustments he made in order to ensure he could produce as much as possible. "Now that I've turned 23, still being young, still growing, I just wanted to — whatever there were, questions about immaturity or lack of whatever it was — I was going to change that."

Sadly, those words have felt emptier and emptier as 2020 has progressed.