‘There's no moment now that's too big for them': Chase Utley high on 2024 Phillies

‘There's no moment now that's too big for them': Chase Utley high on 2024 Phillies originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

When looking back at the Phillies franchise, there are eras that stand out more than most.

Naturally, the ones tied to winning seasons and championship appearances are the first to come to mind. Within that special subcategory, you find yourself thinking about the players of those times, their contributions and lasting memories they’ve instilled in the foundation of the club’s history.

So when you have Chase Utley, one of the most well-known and beloved Phillies of all-time, sharing how highly he thinks of the current team, you know something special is brewing.

When the Mets came to Philadelphia a few weeks back, Utley made a guest appearance in town to promote the upcoming Phillies-Mets London Series. While here, he spoke to NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Taryn Hatcher about the 2024 Phillies, what makes them so unique and how being ready for the moment can help them this season.

“The talent. You can’t fake talent,” he said off the bat. “The talent is on the field but also the experience that they’ve gained playing in the postseason. You can’t teach that, it’s something you have to go through and to understand how to slow yourself down in certain moments. The biggest moments are almost the times where you slow it down the most. They’ve figured it out.

“There’s no moment now that’s too big for them where they’re going to get uncomfortable. They’re going to be comfortable in those situations. And when you’re comfortable, you build confidence and confidence succeeds. It’s been fun to watch them play because they’re playing well. It’s the type of team when they get hot, they go on a roll.

“There’s no holes in the lineup, starting rotation is great, bullpen is fantastic, so I like their chances.”

Memorial Day is typically the first marker of an MLB season when it comes to questioning the legitimacy of a club. The Phillies have held the best record in the league for nearly four weeks, went on a 15-series stretch without losing one (the best in franchise history) and have a league-best seven sweeps under their belt.

Honestly, so far, so good.

“I think fans that are watching have seen a pretty good ballclub,” Utley said. “They’ve caught fire early, the talent is obviously there. I think the past few postseasons have been helpful to boost their morale, boost their confidence, know that they can play in those big moments and have success.

“The young guys are starting to fill in a little bit and the guys that have been around the block a little bit are following suit. It’s been fun to watch them.”

In addition to the club essentially checking off every necessary box to be a competitive team in the league, there is one bonus element that has unofficially been deemed a secret weapon of theirs — the chemistry in the clubhouse.

During his brief few days around this specific group, Utley quickly picked up on the special atmosphere:

“Just by interacting with some of the guys the past few days, it seems like they truly care about each other. It’s not always the case in the clubhouse, especially when you’re playing throughout the six months. It seems like they really care about each other, they’re pulling for each other.

“When you have that dynamic, plus the talent that they have, you never know what could happen.”

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