There's a new Patrick Mahomes cereal, and Chiefs fans can't get enough of it

Move over, Flutie Flakes.

Proving that Patrick Mahomes is untouchable in Kansas City right now, someone had the idea to make a Mahomes cereal. Hey, why not? Profits would benefit Mahomes’ foundation. And it seems there have been plenty of profits from Mahomes Magic Crunch already.

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There is no shortage of pictures and videos on Twitter of Chiefs fans going to the store to stock up on the cereal with their quarterback’s picture on it. Mahomes said Friday that he saw boxes out at training camp.

“I signed one,” Mahomes said. “But I saw several.”

It’s for a good cause. And it shows that Mahomes’ popularity, after his MVP season, might have no bounds in Kansas City.

Fans stock up on Mahomes Magic Crunch

Mahomes had some directions for what he wanted his cereal taste like. Thankfully, ketchup was not involved.

“I like Frosted Flakes, so I told them to make it as close to Frosted Flakes and they could. They did it,” Mahomes said. “And it’s a little bit healthier, less sugar. So I’m excited it’s that too. I’ll be able to eat it a little bit during the season.”

That’s nice, though it seems like it could taste like gravel and Chiefs fans would still be buying several boxes. Mahomes has noticed.

“I’ve seen it on Twitter for sure, people posting pictures of them going to get it, getting several boxes at a time,” Mahomes said. “I’m glad we have that fan base that will go out there and support me and everything I do, and support my foundation.”

And if you aren’t in the area to get a box at the store, you can pay an arm and a leg on eBay for a box or 12:

Mahomes was asked about fans saying they planned to buy the cereal to keep as a memento, not to eat it.

“It is cool. I’ll definitely have a box I’ll keep forever,” Mahomes said. “Whenever you’re a kid and see people on those cereal boxes, it’s a tremendous honor. So I’m excited to be able to have my own.”

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes signs autographs for fans after practice. (AP)
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes signs autographs for fans after practice. (AP)

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