The Rush: Washington’s NFL team retires name and logo, faces roadblocks securing new ones

Yahoo Sports Staff
·1 min read

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE to see today’s piping-hot, fresh-outta-the-oven episode of THE RUSH with Jared Quay! We’ll let you know everything you didn’t know you needed to know about sports. Other stuff too. But mostly sports.

It’s Tuesday, July 14, 2020 and here’s what Jared’s cooking up:

  • Washington’s NFL team is finally changing its name, but they face a major trademark roadblock in picking their new name.

  • Patrick Mahomes is Madden 21’s first 99 rated player and that’s no surprise at all. But Deshaun Watson’s 86 rating has raised some eyebrows.

  • Rockets PG Russell Westbrook has tested positive for COVID-19 and maybe his teammates should grab some of those new NFL face shield helmets for when he finally joins them in the Orlando bubble.

  • PLUS: NFL Hall of Famer Bruce Smith lets out a classic Freudian slip on an all-NFL episode of Family Feud!

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