The plot thickens: Josh Rosen reportedly expected at Cardinals workouts next week

A trade of Josh Rosen would resolve once and for all if the Arizona Cardinals are taking quarterback Kyler Murray first overall.

The draft is getting closer and not only has there been no trade, Rosen is reportedly expected to join the Cardinals as usual next week when offseason workouts begin on Monday.

The news that Rosen is expected at offseason workouts on Monday was reported by ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss. There are a few days for that to change, but if Rosen shows up, it further complicates the drama with the first pick. And it might make for quite an awkward scene if Rosen is in fact on the trade block. And ESPN’s Adam Schefter said Friday that teams have asked about Rosen, but the Cardinals “have not shown a willingness to trade him.” Hmmm.

Josh Rosen reportedly will be at Cards’ workouts

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson wrote about how Rosen showing up for workouts and the first pick is connected. If the Cardinals know they are going to take Murray, there had to be some feeling of urgency to get a Rosen deal done before workouts start Monday.

But it’s not easy either. The Cardinals want to get a maximum return on Rosen if they’re going to trade him. That’s not easy considering the Cardinals would lack leverage in trade talks and Rosen is coming off a poor rookie season. That bad rookie season might not be all Rosen’s fault, considering he was working with a poor supporting cast and a bad offensive scheme, but it doesn’t help drive up the trade price.

Or, maybe the Cardinals aren’t going to trade Rosen after all.

Cardinals could still trade the first pick

It seems very unlikely, but perhaps the Cardinals have just played the draft trade leverage game as well as anyone. After the combine, everyone assumed the Cardinals would take Murray. But there’s at least a chance they were setting up a trade and running up the price on someone like the Oakland Raiders. If that was the Cardinals’ angle, they’ve played it masterfully.

We will know if a move is made with Rosen before Monday. Or if the Cardinals tell Rosen before Monday to stay away because he’s on the trade block. The entire situation could be awkward if Rosen does attend (unless he is the Cardinals starting quarterback in 2019 and the rest has all been a smokescreen), and there is the incredibly unlikely doomsday scenario of Rosen suffering a major injury during workouts, before a trade can be made.

Whatever happens on Monday could tip the Cardinals’ hand. Or, we’re in for another few weeks or mystery.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen will reportedly be at the team's offseason program, which starts Monday. (AP)
Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen will reportedly be at the team's offseason program, which starts Monday. (AP)

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