Pistons misspelled Andre Drummond's name on jersey (Photo)

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He's off to a bit of a slow start this season, shooting just 45.3 percent from the field and an even-worse-than-usual 35 percent from the charity stripe entering Monday's action, but Andre Drummond is still the present and future of the Detroit Pistons. While an adjustment period was to be expected under new head coach Stan Van Gundy, there's every reason to believe that, given time, the former Orlando Magic bench boss can turn the still-just-21-year-old glass-eating pick-and-roll monster into Dwight Howard 2.0, an All-Star-caliber havoc wreaker for a Pistons squad with its sights set on contention. Drummond's a prospect on the rise, a cornerstone to build around; his is a name worth knowing.

It wasn't, however, a name that was spelled right during the Pistons' Monday night matchup with the Chicago Bulls:

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Now, to be fair to the Pistons' equipment manager, this sort of thing doesn't happen all the time; it's not like the Washington Wizards' 2011 run of uniform-related blunders. And these errors can happen to the best of us — just ask Wilson "Chanlder," Zaza "Pcahulia" and Jason "Smiht." It's not that bit a deal; there doesn't need to be a whole lot of sturm und drumm drang about it. (Then again: Rip "Hamiltion" did happen.)

Still, though, it's got to be a bummer to have to go out on national television with the name on your back misspelled. I mean, Drummond is already having enough trouble with fouls. Do the Pistons really need to put a jersey foul on his shoulders, too?

Hat-tip to @NBASweatpants.

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