The Knicks and Magic set an NBA record for fewest combined points in a quarter

The Knicks and Magic set an NBA record for fewest combined points in a quarter

The New York Knicks and Orlando Magic are trying to lose games, as the 2014-15 NBA season limps to an end, in order to better their NBA draft outlook.

It should be noted that the Knicks and the Magic are doing a fabulous job.

An otherwise forgettable New York/Orlando game took a turn for the historic on Saturday when the Knicks and Magic combined for just 15 points in the second quarter – an NBA record for the fewest amount of combined points in a quarter. The contest ended with a 80-79 score in New York’s favor, with the Knicks actually missing out on that needed loss – the Magic topped New York by one point.

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As a result, the Knicks will have to watch as Minnesota enters its predicted Saturday thrashing at the hands of the Golden State Warriors with just a half-game deficit between the Timberwolves and New York. In the race for the league’s worst record, the Knicks still have the edge, despite managing just eight second quarter points on Saturday.

Yeah, this was some quarter:

(Courtesy via
(Courtesy via

From the Associated Press:

The Knicks scored eight points, shooting 3 for 20 from the field with a pair of turnovers. The Magic had seven points and were 3 for 19 from the field, with seven turnovers. Orlando went the better part of 10 minutes in the second quarter with just one field goal and a free throw before getting two late baskets by Victor Oladipo.

The previous NBA record of 18 combined points had been established three times. Neither team came into Saturday night wielding a defensive powerhouse: Orlando is the third-worst defensive team in the NBA, while the Knicks rank sixth to the bottom.

Of course, because of the race to the dregs, the Knicks couldn’t even make their fans happy with the win:

It’s hard to tell who to root for.