The Jazz's new uniforms include a surprisingly wild sleeved number

The Utah Jazz on Thursday became the latest NBA team to unveil a "refreshed" "brand identity," complete with "uniform modifications, a new court design at Vivint Smart Home Arena, and the selection of the Jazz wordmark logo as the primary logo." Let's get a look at them new threads:

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OK! So, the eye-catching headline-grabber is that new sleeved "pride" uniform featuring three horizontal stripes across the sternum and on the right leg of the shorts — a call-back to a bygone era of Jazz basketball:

... and, also, a bygone era of beachwear:

... and also also, a look that might seem more at home on the pitch than on the court:

... which, as loudly as many of us have decried the scourge of sleeved jerseys, might not be the worst thing in global history:

Outside the pride kit, the rest of the Jazz's uniform changes represent tweaks rather than titanic shifts: a new font for the numbers, a new logo on the middle of the waistband, a special upside-down message for players to see when they put on their jerseys, "modernized" striping on the home and road strips, and a swap from the Jazz logo to "UTAH" as the wordmark on the chest of the green alternate unis. To these eyes, the limited changes do little to take away from the clean if not-particularly-eye-popping home and away joints, and while the move to "UTAH" on the alternates will take a minute to get used to, the green-and-gold combo remains one of my favorite looks in the league.

And since no "refreshing" is complete without a new coat of paint on the hardwood, here's a look at Utah's new deck:

The Utah Jazz's new home court. (Photo via the Jazz)
The Utah Jazz's new home court. (Photo via the Jazz)

The all-navy-everything look on the sidelines and in the paint makes the green and gold in the center-court logo and the midrange "J-note" pop out a bit, which is a nice touch. All told: pretty clean, not necessarily revolutionary and, thanks to the new pride uni, just enough weird to make things a little spicy ... kind of like the Gordon Hayward-Derrick Favors-Rodney Hood-Rudy Gobert-led Jazz themselves.

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