The Internet's roast of Stephen Curry's new shoes is relentless

The unanimous MVP and arguably the league's most popular superstar since Michael Jordan, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has come under fire for his performance through three games of the NBA Finals. But the criticism for averaging just 16 points and collecting more turnovers (15) than assists (13) pales in comparison to the roast his latest signature shoe is receiving on social media.

Photos of the newest shoe Under Armour made for the company's most important investment circulated on Twitter Thursday, and the design was roundly roasted for looking a little too much like a pair that might go unnoticed while your grandfather wears them on a stroll around his Florida retirement community.

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The shoes are called the Curry 2 Low "Chef Curry," but they might be more suited for a line cook.

It went all night long, all right, but we'll spare you. The Internet was relentless, and of course no good social media roast is complete without the crying Jordan meme entering the fray. Done and done.

In all honesty, they reminded me of something Jerry Seinfeld would wear with his tapered dad jeans — and admittedly I would wear as someone who has zero sense of sneaker style and has worn the same kind of shoes since the 1990s — and sure enough somebody set Curry's sneaks to the "Seinfeld" theme.

And then Stephen Curry's brother Seth put the icing on the cake, looking a whole lot like Zach Morris.

Hey, you can't win them all, Stephen Curry. Or should we say Stephen "I'll Have The Curry, But Is There Any Way You Can Make That Less Spicy?" Now, watch as Curry drops 50 in Game 4 and these shoes sell out.

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Ben Rohrbach

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