The Good Sport: Three friends use spare ticket to take homeless man to Red Sox game

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The news can be depressing at times. Thankfully, the sports world usually isn’t.

Yahoo Sports is taking a weekly look at the true spirit of sport — the highlights that will warm your heart and the acts of kindness that go beyond the game.

Come on. Let’s take a load off together.

Squad brings homeless man out to baseball game

It would be a shame to let a ticket to a Boston Red Sox game go to waste.

This is exactly what three friends were thinking when another one of their buddies bailed on the game due to a family emergency.

Pedro Lugo, Francisco Rios and Sean Wetzonis found themselves walking to Boston’s Fenway Park with an extra ticket, the Good News Network reports. They were discussing which of their friends they can invite to the game, until Lugo came up with a great idea.

“I wanted to take someone who would appreciate the ticket and have the time of their lives,” Lugo shared with CNN.

On their way to the game, the group walked past a homeless man named John when a lightbulb went on in Lugo’s head. The boys then offered the ticket to John, who replied by immediately saying, “Hell yeah, let’s go.”

The boys brought John along with them into Fenway Park, and even bought him a beer. According to Lugo, John really seemed to enjoy the atmosphere of the game.

Before he left, John made sure to shake each boy’s hand and thank them for their incredible generosity.

“He thanked us for everything and he expressed his gratitude,” Lugo told CNN. “Maybe [the game] helped alleviate the stressors that come with being homeless for the few hours at the game.”

US soccer star Rose Lavelle meets fan with same name

Fresh off of winning the Women’s World Cup with her USWNT teammates, Rose Lavelle returned to her NWSL club, the Washington Spirit, earlier this week.

Waiting for Lavelle after the game against the Houston Dash was a large group of fans who were eager to congratulate the World Cup champion. But Lavelle was shocked and excited when she met a young fan who has something in common with her favourite player.

Rose Lavelle met a young fan named ... Rose Lavelle, and the professional soccer player didn’t seem to be able to wrap her mind around the odds of such a thing. The adorable exchange was captured in the video below.

We don’t expect that young Rose Lavelle will forget this moment any time soon. Just look at that smile!

Carson Pickett meets her biggest fan!

She may not have had anyone who looked like her to look up to while growing up, but Orlando Pride defender Carson Pickett is happy to be just that for a young fan.

Pickett recently met two-year-old Joseph Tidd at a Pride game, creating an incredible photo op that has since gone viral.

Pickett and Tidd, who were both born without a forearm in their left arms, instantly bonded in a moment that caught Pickett by surprise.

"Literally within five minutes of me meeting him, we had an instant bond," Pickett shared with USA TODAY Sports. "It's interesting, though, because for a kid that young, I didn't expect him to connect the way he did. Even though we both have the same arm (birth defect), it was amazing to me that it felt like he realized why we were bonded."

I don’t think you can get much happier than the joy that these two shared.

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