Form HIIT to yoga, these are the best face masks for working out

Form HIIT to yoga, these are the best face masks for working out

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As things seemingly return to normalcy (whatever that may look like for you), one thing ultimately remains clear: face masks will still play a huge part in our lives. From traveling to exercising, venues and airlines might still require some sort of protective equipment.

Working out with a face mask might feel uncomfortable at first, but several brands have taken on the responsibility of manufacturing comfortable products with must-haves like moisture-wicking technology and adjustable straps.

As you navigate the new normal of attending classes with a covering, take this bit of advice from Vivek Cherian, a physician affiliated with the University of Maryland Medical System:

"Rather than jumping straight to vigorous activities while wearing a mask, start slowly and gradually build up," Cherian said to Healthline. "The idea is this will give you a chance to gradually acclimate to more intense exercises."

That being said, we listed a number of face masks below that make the transition of donning one while exercising a little less intimidating. We've got options ranging from a silk number that fits comfortably around your face to a beloved one from Under Armour that constantly sells out. Take a look at what we picked out and meet those fitness goals while keeping yourself protected from others.

Perhaps one of the more popular face masks for exercising, the ASICS Runners Face Covers features water repellent and quick-dry fabric, hook with ear loops for a customizable fit.

Think of the Featherweight mask as the younger, lighter version of the first edition of Under Armour's face covers. This iteration boasts three layers of protective material, built-in UPF 50+ sun protection and structured design that sits up off the face and lips for added comfort.

Okay, this doesn't look like the typical exercise face mask at first glance. But, think of this one from Discover Night as an ideal option during barre or pilates. Made from 100% silk, the nonabsorbent, nature of the material helps to keep skin hydrated. Plus, it comes with a disposable filter for a third layer of protection.

This mask from New Balance boasts an anti-chafe, three-layer design that leaves room for you to breathe while providing optimal chin and mouth coverage. For those on the go, a bonus storage pouch you can wear on your wrist.

Both fashion and function, Lululemon added dded Lycra fiber for stretch and shape retention and a center-front seam provides shape to help lift mask away from your mouth.

Not only does the back of this head strap double as a mask lanyard, but this cover can be washed up to 30 times while maintaining 100% of the HEIQ V-BLOCK performance.

Sport this while on an afternoon walk. With so many options to choose from, you can have a set with each outfit.

We love this mask for a number of reasons. Spacer mesh allows for extra breathability while moisture-wicking technology repels sweat without compromising the quality.