The Bernie Sanders Inauguration Day meme is now becoming a baseball card and bobblehead

Bernie Sanders showing up to the inauguration dressed like he was in the middle of his Saturday afternoon errands is the meme you can’t escape.

And now it’s getting the baseball card treatment from Topps, which released a card Thursday featuring the cozy senator from Vermont as part of its Topps Now program. It costs $9.99 and is only available for seven days as part of Topps’ on-demand card service.

Clever Photoshoppers have already inserted the masked-up, mittened-up Sanders into hundreds of funny situations — but Topps is making something more permanent, a good ol’ baseball card.

The Topps Now program mines both sports and pop culture for limited-edition baseball cards. They’re available for purchase for a limited amount of time (in this case, seven days). Once that ends, Topps prints however many cards were ordered and no more cards are ever produced. It’s a modern twist on an old way of collecting.

There are other inauguration baseball cards, but none have the current pop culture cache of the Sanders photo. The moment has been turned into a bobblehead by the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame. It’s available for presale for $25.

Baseball, it turns out, is at the forefront of turning viral moments into products. Ain’t capitalism grand?

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